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5 of The World's Top Luxury Wellness Resorts

5 of The World's Top Luxury Wellness Resorts


With crowded cities and hours of screen time as staples of modern life, going away on a retreat has never been so necessary and valuable.


To fully disconnect from the modern world and reconnect with yourself, strong and sophisticated measures are required. Thankfully, several cutting-edge and ultra-luxurious wellness retreats are powerful enough for complete renewal and rejuvenation—even if you're living the most high-stress life.


So, are you ready for a full physical and mental reboot or to realize some other profound inner and outer transformation? Check out our pick of the top five luxury wellness retreats around the globe in 2022. 

5. Gaia Retreat & Spa, Australia


Located on 20 acres of hinterland in Byron Bay, the healing heartland of Australia, Gaia Retreat & Spa offers restoration for the heart and soul in one of the world's most astonishing areas of natural beauty.


Gaia Retreat is different from other luxury wellness retreats in that it can cater its packages for specific occasions, such as mother-daughter retreats, pregnancy packages, and romantic couple retreats. Its four standard packages are focused on general restoration and natural healing in complete luxury.


Some of the services guests at Gaia Retreat & Spa can expect include sound healing, tarot reading, cacao ceremonies, acupuncture, cupping, reiki, craniosacral therapy, shamanic healing, and sacred rituals. Additional services for specific needs can be added to the standard packages, including detox and cleanse, weight loss, fitness, vitality, and mindfulness.


Get your Gaia wellness journey underway by getting in touch with your EliteLyfe luxury travel agent today.



4. The Royal Mansour in Marrakesh


Set in one of the most beautiful hotels in the world, The Royal Mansour offers guests the chance to experience an authentic Arab medina (town) within the beautiful city of Marrakesh. 


As you would only expect from a Moroccan palace, this fully-immersive escape has one of the world's most impressive spas. The Royal Mansour Spa is a three-floor, ten-room haven where guests can enjoy a hammam, hand and foot treatments by the ‘foot genius’. Royal Mansour offers four fully customizable wellness programs designed over three, five, seven, and fourteen days.


Developed by The Spa Royal Mansour, the anti-aging program is designed to correct imbalances and purify the body and includes private sports lessons, LPG face and body sessions, traditional hair wraps, and Green Caviar facial treatments. Their emotional rebalance program is designed to slow down the effects of stress on the body and includes Tibetan singing bowl therapy and Blissful Marma massages by Subtle Energies.


Contact your EliteLyfe luxury travel agent today to arrange your luxury wellness retreat in Marrakesh.



3. The Aman Resorts


Meaning Place of Peace, Amanpuri began in Asia in 1988 and has since built health and wellness resorts in spectacular properties all over the world.


Aman's approach to a luxury wellness retreat is based on reconnecting with the environment and rediscovering our inner worlds. They incorporate ancient rituals and treatments with modern techniques to create one of the most spiritually-oriented wellness initiatives on the planet. 


A program at one of the many Aman Resorts could include a personalized Ayurveda treatment, a private onsen (Japanese hot spring), hydrotherapy, training boot camps, and personalized meals.


Locations include New York, The Dominican Republic, Bhutan, Greece, and Turks & Caicos. Contact your EliteLyfe luxury travel agent to arrange your wellness journey with Aman. 

2. Clinique La Prairie, Switzerland


The world’s most award-winning clinic that was born out of over 90 years of science, innovation, and research (founded in 1931), Clinique La Prairie is unparalleled in the world of longevity.


The luxury wellness retreat, located in Montreux, Switzerland (and with centers around the world), is home to over 50 leading medical specialists, 3 operation theaters, and 20 post-surgery rooms. Clinique La Prairie also has its own line of holistic supplements, including products such as Age-Defy, Balance, Energy, and Purity.


Programs at Clinique La Prairie combine medicine, nutrition, movement, and wellbeing to create the most comprehensive regeneration and detox therapies. For instance, their Revitalisation Program involves a highly-targeted medical approach to deeply regenerate the body’s 7 key systems: brain, heart, circadian rhythm, skin, metabolism, immunity, and microbiota.


Clinique La Prairie has over fifty rooms and suites with stunning views over the Alps and Lake Geneva. Contact your EliteLyfe luxury travel agent to book your stay.


1. Renew You Asia


When movie producer William D. Johnson failed to treat his heart condition with western medicine, he had no choice but to seek alternative options in the world of regenerative therapies.


Not only did William recover from his condition, but his results and transformation were also so phenomenal he was inspired to set up his own regenerative luxury wellness retreat. Today, Renew You Asia on the island of Phuket, Thailand is a leader in highly personalized and evidence-based regenerative health programs, including reverse aging protocols, intense detoxification, and stem cell therapies. 


Our CEO Niko Contardi underwent a health protocol at Renew You Asia for nearly 3 weeks. His trip was a life-changing voyage packed with state-of-the-art biotechnical procedures, ultra-luxury travel experiences, and world-renowned doctors and lifestyle coaches.


Here’s a taste of the treatments Niko received and what you can expect at Renew You Asia:


Folic Acid + NAC: Supports the delivery and proliferation of stem cells

Placenta shot: Promotes cell repair and tissue healing

Energy Drip + L Carnitine: Increases energy levels and revives the kidneys
Plaque X: Clears plaque from artery walls, great for prevention of heart problems and strok
Glutathione: Helps to detoxify the liver and clear toxins from the body
Myers cocktail IV: An infusion of multiple vitamins and minerals to balance the body and help you feel your best. 


We offer several regenerative medicine packages at Renew You Asia that include luxury accommodation and unique travel experiences. Get in touch with your EliteLyfe luxury travel agent today to find out more.


To find out more about Niko's regenerative medicine journey, you can read the full account here.