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Your Own Private VIP Suite at LAX

Private Suite at LAX

Avoid Public Airport Terminals with a Private Suite at LAX

We're living in uncertain times, especially where our travel is concerned. For those flying commercial out of Los Angeles, EliteLYFE is pleased to offer the Private Suite experience, "PS."

Located in a private terminal at LAX away from the public terminal, we offer our guests a luxury experience including:

• A back door to your aircraft
• Personalized guest services, before and after your flight
• Quick and easy TSA screenings on departures
• Private Customs and Immigration on arrivals
• Luggage assistance and personal delivery
• A BMW escort across airfield, directly to cabin door
• Beautifully-designed indoor and outdoor lounges with salon, spa and entertainment amenities
• The best dining in Los Angeles, at your fingertips

PS is a better way to fly commercial, with unwavering service, seamless access and inspired experience: a back door to your aircraft, along with effortless security and Customs clearance, as well as luxury amenities before and after your flight.