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$75M Gulfstream G700 Sets New Heights For The Private Jet Industry

Industry-leading aircraft manufacturer, Gulfstream Aerospace, has recently released its new flagship model - the G700 - receiving much applause from the international jet set.

Gulfstream says the G700 is now the largest private jet in the industry with a capacity of up to nineteen passengers and an ultra-large cabin with five customizable living areas.

This brand-new $75m private jet has a range of 7,500 nautical miles (13,890 kilometers) and a high cruising speed of Mach 0.90. Passengers enjoy the height of comfort, no stops on long-distance journeys, and fewer overall flight hours.


The Gulfstream G700 has the tallest, widest, and longest cabin in the industry. The cabin is 56’ 11” long (17.35 meters), 6’ 3” high (1.9 meters), and 8’ 2” wide (just under 2.5 meters). Roomy!


This impressive private jet has twenty oval windows which allow plenty of natural light into the cabin. The plane is also wired with circadian lighting which helps the body to adjust to new time zones.

Gulfstream takes pride in manufacturing a comfortable environment inside its planes. The G700 has whisper-quiet acoustics with low cabin pressure and 100% fresh air which is circulated every two minutes. The stylish handcrafted seats ergonomically convert into beds, comfortably sleeping up to ten people.


The Gulfstream G700 has five generous living areas with flexible configurations which can be customized to suit the passengers. Every inch is beautifully designed and finished with attractive materials.

The living areas on the jet can be converted into formal dining rooms, conference spaces, passenger lounges, or bedroom suites.



The master suite has an optional en-suite bathroom with a spa shower and a built-in closet.


The large galley offers an additional space that can be converted into a passenger lounge or crew compartments.


With a lot of interest in Gulfstream’s new flagship private jet, industry insiders are saying any new orders won’t be delivered until 2023. There will, of course, be G700’s available for charter.

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