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Christmas in the Caribbean: New Villas & Final Prep in Turks & Caicos

Hey, it’s Niko here. I’m back in Miami after an inspirational trip to Turks and Caicos to finalize our preparations for Christmas in the Caribbean and, while I’m glad to be back home, as always, I’ll miss the pure simplicity of beach life in Turks.

My whirlwind tour of Providenciales took in some brand-new villas, gave me the chance to check in on the collection of luxury properties we already represent in Turks and Caicos, and allowed me to finalize our private chefs, butlers, and entertainers for the coming holiday season.

Here’s a quick overview of the properties I visited and a little more about the food, service, and experiences you’ll discover if, like me, you’re dreaming of a white-sand Christmas.


I was very excited to visit this brand-new villa that only just hit the market. It didn’t disappoint. A truly outstanding property that is absolutely at the top of its game.

Cabuya enjoys a spectacular, near-private beach in the peaceful Leeward Settlement area. For me, there’s nowhere in the world that is as extremely blue as Turks and Caicos. The sky, the sea, it’s like the entire backdrop is consistently vivid and vibrant.

Cabuya is ideally positioned to capture breathtaking sunrise views. While I’ll always be a lover of the sunset, staying here I slept with no shades so I woke up with the sunlight. Sunrise feels so much more personal than sunset and in this house? Wow.

For me, I like to work out first thing in the morning. While Cabuya has a full gym, there’s also a TRX station on the dock. I discovered a truly next-level feeling of invigoration in the morning while working out to the sights and sounds of the sea and tropical birds. Magical!

You can learn more about Cabuya at the EliteLyfe listing.

As a broker of luxury travel products to ultra-high-net-worth individuals, I know the importance of impeccable service. It can make or break our clients’ experience, and so for me, getting the right team members was absolutely vital. 

I was greeted at the villa with cold towels and a signature non-alcoholic cocktail by Marie - our butler - and Ian - our private chef. Immediately I felt good about these warm, friendly, and helpful staff members but when we ate lunch I knew they were a special pair that are just right for our clients.

Our chef, Ian, made a Mediterranean-style lunch that centered around a whole grilled branzino. This was accompanied by fresh baba ganoush, fresh tzatziki and hummus, and a variety of Greek-style salads and vegetables. Being 100% honest, I think it was one of the finest greek meals I've had outside of Greece. It was as good as restaurants like Avra or Milos but the personal touch of a private chef elevated the experience to a whole new level.

That evening, for dinner we invited Ian to take us on a different cultural experience. He chose to make Indian food and wow, it was truly out of this world. We had different meat dishes and around five different types of curries served with chutneys and sauces that made each one sing. For dessert, we had fresh fruit and homemade sorbet; the perfect way to cleanse the palate after Indian food.

Blondel Cove

The second property I toured - Blondel Cove - is just two houses down from Cabuya and has an expansive plot with huge ocean frontage. The owner bought two adjacent lots - meaning there are no neighbors, and the beach frontage is enormous!


Ian and Marie - my chef and butler - followed me to Blondel Cove to make sure I got a first-hand account of their full-service experience. Marie was amazing. When I asked if she could take care of my laundry she smiled, it was already done. Another time, I was going to ask her for a spicy margarita. She knew it was my favorite drink and it was already sitting on the table for me! That evening, Ian made an outstanding dinner that was simple yet delicious. He served tomato bisque followed by steak and lobster - all of which was cooked to perfection. 


Hawksbill Estate

Moving on, I got to go back to a pair of oceanfront villas that I’ve visited before and I know is very popular with clients who’ve stayed here, Hawksbill Estate. As always, we were greeted with fresh towels and a signature non-alcoholic cocktail.

Hawksbill Estate is great for those with young family members. It has a playstation in the movie room, a game room with a shuffleboard court, and a full lap pool with a sports & splash section.

You can learn more about Hawksbill Estate at the EliteLyfe listings.

Here I got the chance to try another of our private chefs who will be working for our clients over Christmas. The chef is from Indonesia while the butler is from the Philippines - they were fantastic. Culturally warm and humble. The food we had was absolutely amazing.

As the chef is Indonesian, we asked him to prepare a dinner that included the flavors from his home country. Among other delights, he served fried snapper and grilled octopus, alongside simple, delicious vegetables and fresh salads. I was convinced, these guys are everything that EliteLyfe clients deserve and expect.


Moving on, I made a tour of the popular villa collection at the Grace Bay Club and got to stay in an impressive eight-bedroom property, Seaclusion.

Seaclusion is a paradise for kids. There’s a movie theater, a pool table, a gym, and a pool and a hot tub right on the beach. 

You can learn more about Seaclusion at the EliteLyfe listings.

In the morning, I was greeted by another chef who’ll be working with us for the future, Tavares from the Bahamas. His warm smile made me feel at home. He served a full breakfast spread that included muffins, bagels, eggs, sausage, bread, bacon, pastries, fruits, yogurts, delicious!

Other Villas

My tour of Turks and Caicos continues, but to round off this part of my adventure, I just want to acknowledge a few of the properties that we represent at EliteLyfe that I toured during this visit. I can wholeheartedly confirm that each one is exactly as it appears in the photos on the website and is fit to host our elite-standard travelers. 

These include:



Saving Grace




Vision Beach

I was greeted at each villa with a signature non-alcoholic cocktail and a fresh towel and enjoyed meeting the service teams touring the properties. I also made good connections with The Palms, The Shore Club, Sunset Beach Villas, Turquoise Villa Rentals, and Big Blue Collective to further expand our portfolio in Turks and Caicos.

While that’s all very exciting for the future, for now, I’m pleased to say that everything is perfectly positioned to receive our clients for a magical Christmas in the Caribbean. If you’d like more information on any of the properties featured here or would like to explore a range of other villas, reach out to EliteLyfe at your earliest convenience.