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How To Book A Jet Charter

How To Book / Charter A Private Jet


Setting your departure and arrival times, rocking up just twenty minutes before the flight, and being the only passengers on board is something few people get to experience. But if you do, it can completely redefine your idea of air travel.

With more people recognizing such freedoms and safety benefits, the private jet charter market is experiencing a huge surge in bookings. Private air travel allows many people to keep their lives and businesses flowing in style, even during economic or public health crises. 

Many others turn to book a private jet for their privacy and confidentiality advantages. Some private jet brokers work with elite clients regularly and are used to making discretion an utmost priority. 

Chartering a private jet isn't a difficult process. But unlike renting a car, it's not something you want to do without careful consideration. There are more risks associated with private air travel, from hidden fees to unexpected technicalities to extended travel times, and it pays off tremendously to be prepared and manage the whole process with an experienced private jet broker.   

Choosing The Right Aircraft

Finding the right private jet depends heavily on several key factors. The first is the number of passengers you are traveling with.

On average, private jets can accommodate from four to around 18 passengers, in jets ranging from turboprops, very light, and light jets to midsize, super-midsize, and heavy bizliner jets. The jet size you choose may also depend on the height of the passengers, the cabin layout you require, and the space requirement.

The second main factor is the amount of luggage. Some jets don't carry more than one or two pieces of carry-on luggage, while others can carry twenty pieces of stowed luggage. Make note of the number and size of the luggage you will carry and inform your private jet broker in the early stages of booking.

The third factor in chartering a private jet is flight distance. If you are traveling long distances and don't want to take a break for refueling, you need a large, efficient jet with a big fuel capacity. Large jets also often come with convertible sofa beds for taking a nap on longer flights.

Finally, airport restrictions can impact the type of private jet you choose. Traveling to remote areas or small airports may mean a shorter runway, which can rule out larger jets such as Gulfstreams and Falcons. The safety ratings of the jet, crew, operators, and brokers also have to meet the ARGUS industry safety standards.

Setting The Details of Your Trip

Unlike commercial flights, private jet charter flights don't require you to conform to set times and arrive at the airport several hours before the scheduled take-off time. There is much flexibility in choosing your departure and arrival time, and as you leave from a private terminal, you can avoid delays and only need 20 minutes to board and get settled before leaving.

Once you have decided your take-off and landing time and accounted for the time differences, you will want to arrange transfers from the private terminal. Some private jet brokers also offer ground transfer services, including a private chauffeur service that can drop you off at the steps of your private jet and pick you up as soon as you arrive at your destination. It's also possible to arrange a luxury vehicle to be ready and waiting for you at a nearby pick-up point. 



Gathering All Necessary Documents 

Chartering a private jet still requires you to carry certain travel documents, including any visas that are necessary for entry into the country. However, you are treated on a priority basis with chartered flights and there are zero tickets, making the boarding process much swifter. 

Other crucial factors are to check your passport and National Identity card are valid and that you have completed any COVID paperwork required by the state/country you are flying into. Your private jet charter documents will include route details, booking references, and other essential information about your flight such as contact details of your crew, the time of departure, and the tail number of your aircraft. In private jet charters, the tail number is the reference, not the flight number.


Revising The Cost of The Jet 

As the demand for private jet charters has greatly increased in recent years, the market has become even more exclusive and costly than it once was. 

Depending on the time of the year, some jets may not be available for one-way pricing. Some brokers may also include an unauthorized tax for an international trip, when tax only applies for domestic flights. You will also want to consider the cost of the aircraft handling company or Fixed Based Operator (FBO), catering, landing fees, accommodation, and parking.

The best way to ensure you are being charged fairly and appropriately for your private jet charter is to work with a respected broker. Private jet brokers can increase the cost of chartering a private jet, but they know the industry inside out, offer around-the-clock support, and are there to ensure your trip goes exactly as planned.


Security & Technical Issues

Technical and logistical issues are present in the majority of private jet charters. The problem isn't that they happen, but what measures are in place to reduce their disruption and keep things running smoothly when they do.

Safety is a number one priority in aviation, and when chartering a private jet, ensuring the broker is Wyvern Wingman or Argus Platinum safety-approved is a must. This ensures all aircraft meet rigorous safety standards and pilots and crew undergo strict, recurrent training in the aircraft they fly.

Argus and Wyvern safety ratings also ensure the aircraft performance is recorded for each flight, dramatically reducing the chances of a problem occurring. Chartering from a trusted broker also ensures that a replacement jet can be mobilized quickly and efficiently, should a mechanical fault or issue occur.


Checking Over The Contract

If you work with a private jet broker, they will ask you to provide the required information and help you prepare the contract for your private jet rental. This is an undervalued benefit of working with a reliable broker who understands the small print of the industry and can help manage the whole process from start to finish.

Once you receive the contract, you want to be aware of the cancellation and payment terms. How much is the advance payment and is it refundable in the case of COVID travel restrictions? Will the payment be made via wire transfer or debit or credit card? 

Ironing out such details prior to the flight will greatly improve your private jet experience. Should any passengers have any special food preferences or require particular assistance with luggage, for instance, this is where you can make sure it is arranged. 

Chartering a private jet can save you time, increase safety and privacy, and overall ensure your trip is marked by sophistication and class. With many years of experience as a specialist private jet broker, we can help with everything from pre-trip itineraries to COVID restrictions to choosing the right jet, ensuring you make the most out of every moment of your trip.