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Motor Yacht Charters Vs. Sailing Yacht Charters: What You Need to Know 

Motor Yacht Charters Vs. Sailing Yacht Charters: What You Need to Know 


With a huge rise in people seeking private and exclusive experiences, luxury yacht charters are one of the hottest and fastest growing travel trends of 2021. 

But chartering a luxury yacht is worlds away from renting an on-land luxury villa or apartment. There are weather conditions, travel routes, crew, advanced provisioning, fuel, and many other aspects to consider if you want to ensure it is a truly unforgettable, world-class experience. 

At EliteLyfe, we specialize in orchestrating the ultimate luxury yacht charter experience. Whether you're planning an exclusive one-day event or a relaxing long-term trip, one of the first and most important questions you need to answer is what type of yacht you are looking for: motor or sailing.

Why Choose A Motor Yacht Charter


It's no surprise motor yachts dominate the luxury yacht charter industry, making up ninety percent of the world’s yacht fleet. 

Cruising at high speeds in the luxurious cabins of a motor yacht charter makes you feel like a King or Queen of the seas. A descendant of sailing yachts, motor yachts use powerful engines to allow you to travel far and wide in style, comfort, and unimaginable luxury. 

The motor engines of motor yachts reduce rocking and often feature stabilization technology, giving you speed and power to travel vast distances without disturbing your dinner party, spa session, or special celebration.  

With no need for a sailing mast, motor yacht charters also benefit from much larger cabins and more space for luxury amenities and water toys. The ultimate way to experience the high life at sea, motor yachts can feature gyms, heated pools, beach clubs, jacuzzis, helipads, jet skis, cinemas, and numerous areas for entertaining and socializing. 

Finally, given their engines and technology, motor yacht charters are capable of traveling long distances and doing short-distance island hopping. Their powerful engines allow you the speed and freedom to chart your own route, while their shallower drafts allow effortless navigation in shallow coastal waters. 

If you are planning on traveling long distances, navigating coastlines and archipelagos in the Caribbean or the Aegean Sea, or cruising in comfort and style for your next luxury yacht charter vacation, then a motor yacht is likely the ideal vessel for you.

Why Choose A Sailing Yacht Charter


Sailing yacht charters may not be as popular as motor yachts, but the sheer adrenaline and romanticism they offer is something that simply cannot be experienced with a motor yacht charter.

Gliding through the water and navigating the seas using nothing but the natural forces of the elements is one of the most exhilarating thrills you can experience, and it is often the main factor that resonates with sailing yacht charter enthusiasts. 

As well as being capable of traveling at high speeds, sailing boat charters are ideal for enjoying peaceful cruises on the calm seas of the Mediterranean and the Caribbean. There is literally nothing like dropping the keel at night on a sailing yacht charter and being rocked to sleep by the gentle sway of the ocean. 

Sailing yachts are for real yacht enthusiasts, i.e. those who love and have spent extended periods out at sea. With less space than motor yachts, typically between one to six cabins located on the lower deck, the experience is one of being much more intimate and in harmony with the elements, sounds, and majesty of the ocean. 

That being said, by choosing a sailing yacht charter you certainly won't be without luxury or comfort. The latest luxury sailing yacht charters combine traditional craftsmanship with modern technology to offer ultra-contemporary living, including spacious lounge areas, swimming platforms, jacuzzis, and stabilizers to allow for an extremely pleasurable and relaxing ride. 

Offering both excitement and relaxation, the diversity of experience that is possible on a sailing yacht charter is what makes them the vessel of choice for many of our customers. 

Three Questions When Choosing a Motor or Sailing Yacht Charter


At EliteLyfe, we know choosing a luxury yacht charter can be a complicated process, not least because of the advanced provisioning, tax, crew gratuities, and other legal charges and fees that other yacht brokers may not tell you about. 

Our priority is to ensure you have the best yacht charter experience possible. We are here to negotiate on your behalf and to determine which is the perfect vessel for you, based on you and your friend’s and family's preferences, needs, and your event or travel plans. 

To make sure your luxury yacht charter is every bit the dream vacation or event you wish it to be, we will first ask you to answer a few key questions: 

Have you chartered a yacht before?


Motor yachts are the most popular option for a reason. They are much easier to operate than sailing yachts and are often perfectly equipped for parties, special events, and relaxing luxury vacations. 

Sailing yachts are for true yacht enthusiasts. Typically those who charter sailing yachts have some experience on the seas and are looking for that hands-on experience and sense of being one with the water. 

Motor yachts often also come with a full crew to help with the running and maintenance of the vessel. Sailing yachts, on the other hand, can be more costly and difficult to crew as they require more specialist expertise. 

What are you going on the trip for?


At EliteLyfe, we want to know exactly what you would like to get out of your luxury yacht charter. 

Are you looking for a vessel for the ultimate party or celebration, complete with all the luxury amenities of a five-star resort? Are you heading on a seafaring adventure and would like to travel to the depths of the ocean in a private submarine to search for sea life? Are you traveling with the family and need enough water toys, such as scuba gear, inflatable slides, and jet skis, to keep the adults and kids entertained? 

Or maybe you need a place to work during the trip or room for a large formal group meal? Would you like to be pampered and relax as if on your own private retreat? Or maybe you’d like a combination of all the above?

Asking these questions helps give us a better idea of what you are looking for and what type of yacht and level of service will best suit your trip. Maybe you would like a crew that is on hand 24/7 to wrap you in a towel and hand you a cocktail after an afternoon swim. Or maybe you would like the utmost privacy with discreet service in the background. Thanks to years of experience, by asking the right questions we can determine the optimum luxury yacht charter for your event or vacation.

What’s the time of year and destination?


From bustling cities to exotic island paradises, wherever you desire to go, a luxury yacht charter can take you there in style. 

With that being said, you want to make sure you go at the right time of year. For instance, if you are planning a trip on a sailing yacht through the Cyclades in Greece, the best time would be the summer as you have winds coming down. 

Similarly, if you're planning to charter a motor yacht for a one-day luxury event or are heading to popular snorkeling sites in the Caribbean or the Bahamas, then you want to know the best times of year to do so. Including the best routes and weather conditions to avoid lots of rocking and bouncing and not being able to enjoy the destinations you are chartering to. 

Working with a yacht specialist like EliteLyfe is the best way to ensure not only a smooth trip that covers all your needs, but an incredible journey that blows away all your expectations.