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My Travels to Los Cabos as Mexico Reopens

My Post-COVID-19 Travel Experience - A Trip To Los Cabos

Fortunately, as soon as travel restrictions were lifted, I had the opportunity to visit an outstanding private villa that we represent here at EliteLYFE. Casa La Laguna is a full-service oceanfront villa located in Los Cabos on the southern tip of Baja California Sur on Mexico’s stunning Pacific coast. While I do love spending time at home, after months of being locked down in the house, I have to admit, I was itching to get out there and travel again. With yet another pointless Netflix series completed, I wanted nothing more than to put my bare feet in the sand, to feel the ocean breeze on my skin, and to bathe under that sweet, sweet sunshine.



I’ve actually been here before. At EliteLYFE we personally vet each and every villa we represent prior to offering it to our clientele. However, this time was a little different. I was traveling to get a firsthand impression of the security measures put in place to protect travelers in this post-COVID-19 world we now live in, to ensure our clients can confidently book their vacation and know exactly what to expect before leaving their sofa.



My first impression of the changes the coronavirus has had on the world was at the airport. LAX was eerily quiet, however, that’s not a bad thing. In a world where social distancing is the new norm, I was only too happy to enjoy the generous space without fear of being packed in with lots of people.

I flew with Delta, who filled me with a lot of confidence with their protocol. I was tested with a digital thermometer when checking in and, when boarding, they called the last row first, to fill the plane from back to front, meaning less contact with others. It was so smooth it made me wonder why they didn’t always do it this way. When on board, there was plenty of space. First class had every other seat closed off, meaning no one sits next to you. In the regular classes, the middle seat in a row of three was void, with an empty row in front and behind.

I felt just as secure in Mexico as I was in the States. While some countries can be very strict about needing official test results before allowing visitors to enter, Mexico’s system was simple. I had to sign a form declaring whether I had had COVID-19 and my temperature was taken and recorded on the document. When leaving Mexico, my temperature was taken again as I handed this form in. Easy.

Doug and I

Doug and I

Upon arrival, my group had a short wait before the private driver of Casa La Laguna collected us and took us to the villa. We were greeted with cold, wet towels and delicious, fresh margaritas. The staff members took all our luggage to our respective rooms as we were taken on a tour of the property by the owner. All I could think was “yes, welcome to paradise”.

With a full team of nine staff members at Casa La Laguna, everything was taken care of and we were invited to relax into the lovely natural setting. The villa has a huge oceanfront terrace, an inviting pool, and is right on a beautiful golden-sand beach. We were served delicious appetizers by the chef team (including ceviche and guacamole) and any drinks we wanted were prepared by our personal bartender.

image 043.jpg

The staff had clearly been well prepared by the management team and made us feel safe and secure for the entire duration of our stay. Everyone was wearing the appropriate protective gear, including masks, screens, and plenty of hand sanitizer available. Even our in-villa massage therapist wore a mask and was meticulous in illustrating good hygiene.

EliteLYFE - Bringing The Entertainment To You

While I felt ultra-safe and secure in our 10,000-square-foot private villa, some of the group didn’t want to venture out to the town due to the ongoing pandemic. No problem. At EliteLYFE, we bring the entertainment to you. With food and drink covered at the villa, we just needed to add a few things to get the party started!

image 116.jpg

EliteLYFE provides every possible form of entertainment to fully customize our clients’ vacation. While in Mexico, we arranged to have mariachis during the afternoon and a woman who wore a tequila dress.

image 001.jpg

This was so much fun and we all had a great time. In the evening we decided to have dinner on the beach and arranged to have a fire-dancer’s show after we’d eaten. Later, we even had a live DJ to bang out the tunes as we partied in the warmth of the Mexican evening.

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If you’d like to learn more about Casa La Laguna, Los Cabos, elite destinations in Mexico, or luxury vacation rentals in exotic destinations worldwide, contact EliteLYFE at your earliest convenience.