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Six Key Tips For Planning & Booking a Bespoke Luxury Trip

The world of luxury travel has expanded exponentially over the past ten years, as more and more holidaymakers are turning to tailor-made itineraries to fully realize their dream vacations.

Standard package deals are a thing of the past. These days, travelers don’t want tired hotels, noisy pools, and busy beaches. They want an authentic travel experience in unique and exotic locations.

It’s not only the fluidity of booking that made luxury travel boom over the past decade, access to exclusive destinations wasn’t as expensive as many came to find out…


A custom-designed travel itinerary is no longer something reserved for the ultra rich. They can be pieced together to represent the level of detail you desire according to a predetermined budget.

With that said, here are our six key tips for those interested in exploring the world of luxury travel that are sure to make planning and booking your trip a simple, effortless pleasure.

Follow Your Dream

Everything starts with a dream. You have to follow your passion. The first key tip to getting the most out of a travel experience is in knowing exactly what you want out of your vacation.

Some of us want the perfect beach with barely any other souls around, thrills seekers want easy access to land and water sports, others just want to unwind with first-rate service, and others want to explore the ancient lands of historic civilizations.


Some of us want to get away from it all and find the ultimate peace, quiet, and seclusion while others want easy access to fun parties and nightlife. Some of us want both! That’s the great thing about luxury travel: you really can get all the aspects you want but it is up to you to define your dream.

Be Open-Minded About Destinations

One of the most attractive things about luxury travel is the access it provides to unique, exotic, and exclusive destinations.

Those who truly want to get away from the well-worn tourist trail might not even be aware that their dream vacation lies in a country they’ve never heard of.

A tour of the vineyards of Tuscany might be on a lot of bucket lists but, in reality, wine enthusiasts might find a more authentic, satisfying tour in, say, Greece, for example.


Don’t Overdo The Schedule

When planning a once-in-a-lifetime trip, many will be burning with a desire to take in as much of it as possible while they’re there.

If your dream vacation involves a lot of movement then that’s no problem but if you’re principally going to relax, spending a lot of time in stations and vehicles might not be too much fun.

Also, a whistle-stop tour of a country might mean you get to see a lot of things but you won't have the time to savor them and get a real feel for the places you’ve visited.

Book Early

Exclusivity is one of the key features of luxury travel, and so, it is important to plan and book your trip early. Exotic destinations are often sparsely developed to maintain the untouched nature and host small, boutique-sized hotels.


These are not the kind of places that struggle to get fully booked and will pretty much never have to sell accommodations on last-minute deals. If anything, booking closer to the date can see prices double or triple.

Adding Extras To Your Itinerary

A custom-designed travel itinerary can include a broad range of products that are aligned to the customer’s individual desires and budget. This is where it really is all about you and the sky's the limit.

For some, a bespoke travel plan might include a private jet charter with a super yacht waiting at their destination.

Like we said though, luxury travel isn’t just for the super rich these days. All customers can benefit from the fine details of a bespoke travel plan such as SUV transfers and concierge services.


Don’t Plan All Your Days

One of the best things about being on vacation is the freedom from the responsibilities of your everyday life. This gives you the chance to be spontaneous, which is another of the key principles of an authentic travel experience - go with the flow.

The best way to add the sparkle of wonder to your trip is to make sure you keep some days free from plans so you can just do whatever you feel like doing. Your concierge can arrange anything with short notice and can give you the best tips for things to do and see.



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