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Top 10 Reasons To Fly Private Over Commercial

Top 10 Reasons To Fly Private Over Commercial

When traveling on a business trip or a luxury vacation, flying is the preferred mode of transport. But with a decline in the quality of commercial services and frustrating restrictions in many airports, more passengers are looking to alternatives over commercial airlines.
The industry of private jet charters has filled this gap with roaring success. Whether it's to avoid crowds and maintain social distance or to benefit from a custom departure time, more people are choosing jet charters for their exclusive benefits and incredible convenience.

With the COVID-19 pandemic changing every day and many restrictions throughout the globe, there has never been a better time to fly private. Let’s dive into the top 10 reasons why you should choose a private jet charter over a commercial flight. 

1. COVID 19 Health & Safety

We live in a constantly changing, globally connected world where flights and restrictions change at any moment. Commercial flights that fail to follow recommended health and safety guidelines can also put yourself and your family at risk. 
The number one way to ensure health and safety concerns don't ruin your vacation or business trip is to charter a private jet. Chartering a private jet means a personal, COVID disinfected cabin and a crew that is fully vaccinated and constantly PCR tested with negative results.

The advanced HEPA filters in private jets ensure the air is clean and safeguards against the spread of COVID-19 and other infections. Knowing every person on the aircraft you are traveling with also removes the constant concern of getting infected.

2. Take Control of Your Time

  When you take a break from work to take a luxury vacation, time is of the essence. Not only do you want to make the most of every minute, you also don't want to have to arrive 2-4 hours pre-departure (often more today) to wait in a busy, stuffy airport.
With a private jet charter, you only need to arrive 15 minutes before your flight. There is no need to wait around, no TSA security lines, no dividing liquids and laptops and taking off your shoes. You can drive directly through the security gates at the airport to your airplane and hop right into your seat.

3. Custom Private Jet & Itinerary 

  Most vacations or trips have to work around the limited schedules of commercial flights. This means should a flight get delayed or you experience a change of plan, you may have to cancel all your plans. 

From the departure and landing times to the cabin size, speed of the aircraft, onboard amenities, and staff, a private jet charter is completely custom to your preferences and itinerary. You can even have multiple pick-up and drop-off locations as well as a variety of destinations to visit on your journey. 

4. Access to Remote Destinations & Direct Flights

  Commercial carriers have fixed routes and airports and often don't serve small, far-out airports. Even if they do, very few have direct flights that depart from a city close to where you live. 

Private jet charters have access to over 5000 airports worldwide. This gives you the freedom and flexibility to choose where you want to depart from and land. You can also work with a trusted private jet charter specialist to find a turboprop or light private jet that can land at destinations with short runways or remote locations. 

5. Personalized Service & Tailored Comfort

  The priority of most commercial airlines is to stick to tight schedules and avoid disturbances. Even the highest quality commercial aircrafts are limited in space and the staff is restricted in the amount of time and attention they can give to each passenger. 

The smallest of private jet charters have a level of comfort that is infinite levels above that of the highest quality commercial aircraft. Every moment is also personalized, from the staff greeting you as you board, (often by name), to the on-board catering and round-the-clock service from take-off to landing.

6. Utmost Privacy & Confidentiality 

  When flying commercial, it is difficult to find the time and privacy to catch up on last-minute tasks or spend quality time with those traveling with you. Often the only priority is waiting to arrive at your target destination.
Commercial flights also don't respect confidentiality—a clear problem if you are trying to preserve your privacy. When you charter a private jet, your information is only required for operational or security purposes. What’s more, when working with a trusted private jet charter specialist, your data is kept 100% safe and in your control, with only the necessary details being shared.

7. Gourmet Dining & Premium Entertainment 

  Even the best food on commercial flights can often be equated to school dinners or hospital food: few choices, semi-warm, and served in a plastic tray. Many passengers thus choose to bring their own snacks or go without, which can be a hassle on long journeys. 

When you book a private jet charter, every inch of the dining experience is catered to your tastes. From dietary requirements and intolerances to vintage wines and onboard cocktails, each person can order just about anything they would like.

8. A Luxury Experience That's All About YOU

  When flying commercial, you are often forced to put your needs and preferences aside for a few hours and try to pass the time by sleeping or watching a movie. If in economy class, you also have to pray you're sitting next to an empty seat and the row behind you is full of kids. 

When you charter a private jet, from the moment you arrive at the airport you feel your luxury vacation has already begun. You are spoiled for choice with premium entertainment, personalized service, ambient lighting, and all the space you could need to entertain, read, dine, relax, and sleep.

9. Stress-Free Travel

  A luxury vacation or business trip should come without any extra disturbances or stress. However, there are many uncontrollable factors, especially if traveling with elderly or disabled passengers that need extra care and attention.

Chartering a private jet takes the vast majority of uncontrollable factors out of the equation. There is no price you can put on the certainty of knowing that there will be no delays, security issues, or problems with luggage or access during your trip.

10. Fewer Luggage Restrictions 

  Transporting luggage is one of the most inconvenient factors of flying commercial. Having to carry heavy bags through busy crowds and deal with strict weight restrictions and frequently lost baggage has built an air of mistrust about the whole process. 

 In private aviation, baggage is a smooth and painless process. The number of baggage items per passenger depends on the size of your jet, the number of passengers, and the size of the hold. Your belongings get handled with utmost care and you can also take many items that are typically not permitted on a commercial flight, including pets (typically at no extra cost), full-size liquids, skis and snowboarding equipment, and golf clubs.

Private jet charters are also safer for your luggage (especially on long-haul flights) since you see all your bags going on and coming off the plane. The only difficulty is choosing your plane. Working with a private jet charter specialist is the best way to ensure you charter a private jet that has sufficient baggage capacity for your trip. 

With many years of experience as a private jet charter specialist, EliteLyfe manages everything from pre-trip itineraries to COVID restrictions to choosing the right jet, ensuring you make the most out of every moment of your trip.