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What it's Like to be Castaway On One Of The Most Luxurious Private Island on Earth

Being castaway on a tropical island brings to mind images of rustic shacks and basic services that are far away from the luxuries of the modern world. It's a once-in-a-lifetime experience of returning to a more primitive way of living, but you wouldn’t necessarily want to stay there forever.

Calivigny Island turns this idea of the castaway experience on its head. An 80-acre private island with the amenities of a world-class resort, Calivigny rivals and even surpasses the palatial grandeur of the most royal, stately abodes. Every inch of the tiny secluded islet is designed to redefine the experience of being stranded on a deserted island.

The private island resort is located just seven minutes from the small volcanic island of Grenada in the eastern Caribbean. Known as the “Isle of Spice”, Grenada is widely heralded for its beautiful rolling landscapes, fertile valleys, rainforests, mountain lakes, and tropical climate. Not to mention its diverse spice plantations and capital of St. George—the yachting and charter-boat center of the eastern Caribbean.

Calivigny Island is worlds away from the bustling tourist towns of Grenada. And yet, there you will find nothing less than the height of luxury. Upon approaching the island, you may even feel as if you’re in a James Bond movie and are arriving at his lair, or more likely that of his arch-nemesis.

This impression isn't a coincidence. Its owner, French-Swiss billionaire Georges Cohen of France, bought the island in 2001 with the vision of transforming the land into an exquisite private island retreat for his family. Today, the architectural masterpiece and luxury playground is open to rent for guests who appreciate utter privacy combined with the finest things in life.

Our CEO Niko Contardi has personally stayed at Calivigny Island and tried and tested all that the magnificent resort has to offer. Join us as we dive into what he loves most about Calivigny and discover what it's like to be castaway on what is undoubtedly one of the most luxurious and exclusive private island resorts on the planet.


One-of-a-kind Amenities & Activities

A stay at Calivigny private island resort can be as restful or exhilarating as you like. Even quiet moments such as an early morning run, massage, or yoga session in nature or a casual dinner at the secret harbor marina are infused with a sense of meaning that can only be felt when you are miles away from civilization.

With the capacity to entertain all ages, Calivigny boasts an endless array of unique experiences and activities onsite, on and underwater, and at destinations nearby that highlight the rich cultural heritage of the island. 

  • A several-day itinerary at Calivigny private island may consist of 
  • Exploring on land via bike, guided ATV, or walking
  • Exploring at sea via jet ski, kayak, or paddleboard, or boats such as their
  • catamaran Hobie cat 15
  • Hanging out in the humongous resort-style pool with swim-up bar and underwater bicycles
  • Snorkeling in the underwater museum
  • Playing sports such as soccer and tennis 
  • Trekking to one of the famous waterfalls – Annandale or Seven sisters
  • Chocolate tasting at the Belmont Estate Chocolate Factory
  • Traditional lunches at Belmont Estate
  • Visiting the local market
  • Visit a traditional Rum factory and testing
  • Secluded massages in nature
  • World-class cocktails at the pool bar
  • Beach and barbecue parties with a local Soca band

Our CEO Niko recommends a day of exploring the reefs and sunken shipwrecks along the coastline, followed by a deep-sea fishing expedition or relaxing champagne sunset cruise. The day would also not be complete without trying out the mojitos at the pool bar and dancing and singing along to the incredibly rhythmic and intoxicating local Soca music. 

Exquisite Catering & World-Class Hospitality

The staff at Calivigny Island will make you believe you’re staying at a royal residence. Every need and desire is attended to, and yet, due to the size and layout of the island, it will still feel as if you are the only person for thousands of miles.

  • The highly experienced team of dedicated staff at Calivigny include:
  • Michelin Star chefs
  • 24-hour housekeeping service
  • 24-hour security
  • Team of expert trainers and wellness professionals
  • Activity, fishing, scuba diving, and watersport specialists
  • Bartenders and cocktail specialists
  • Drivers and pilots
  • Event planners
  • Villa and island managers
  • Childcare team

The culinary experience at Calivigny provides enough reason to visit the island. The owner Georges has successfully managed to combine simple, local pleasures with high-end cuisine. The full-time Michelin Star chefs go out every morning to choose fresh fish and lobsters that have just been caught by the local fishermen. Most of the produce is sourced locally or hand-picked from their organic farm, and guests have an array of dining options from beach barbecues to formal dinner parties. 

The Grenadian people are largely of African descent and are known for being some of the friendliest people in the Caribbean. At the end of his stay, Niko was moved to hug and thank all the staff with a genuine appreciation for making him feel so at home. 



Royalty-Worthy Accommodation


The seclusion and opulence of Calivigny island mean it can accommodate all kinds of events or escapes, from show-stopping and elite corporate events to private family celebrations, weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, and life ceremonies.

The private island resort is home to two main, palatial residences and three romantic beach bungalows on the other side of the island. Over many years and thousands of hours of work, Georges partnered with artisans and craftspeople from around the world to meticulously design a hidden tropical paradise like no other. A children’s and adult’s paradise, the island is also home to a cutting-edge treehouse with games consoles and fine white sand that was shipped in specially from the Maldives.

Calivigny island accommodates up to 40 guests across three suite configurations:

  • The Beach House. Sitting on the far side of the island on Sunset Beach is an architectural masterpiece with ten luxury suites and room for up to ten adults. On a plot of 8,000 SqMt, the residence harmoniously blends French Colonial and Balinese style to create a luxury paradise. Each suite has its own private entrance, en-suite bathroom king-size bed, and is individually decorated and furnished with custom-designed furniture by Oscar de la Renta and Richard Frinier.

  • The Overhang. The nine-suite 3,000 SqMt Overhang villa is called as such due to its design that juts out to sea. Its interior spaces were designed by Christopher Guy and are filled with world-class contemporary art. With vast terraces and floor-to-ceiling windows, the villa boasts boundless sea views and a feeling of being completely immersed by the sight and sound of the calm waves of the ocean. 

  • The Calivigny Cottages. The Calivigny Cottages are located on the other side of the island close to Turtle Beach. Consisting of three two-bedroom beach villa cottages with six suites in total, they can accommodate up to twelve guests. Each beach cottage is incredibly private and has its own private jacuzzi. 

The quality of the accommodation at Calivigny has to be seen to be believed. Nowhere else on the planet can you feel so engulfed by nature while at the same time having access to a range of entertainment, dining, and living spaces that are fit for the most distinguished of guests and events. 

Calivigny private island resort is now available to rent through EliteLyfe exclusively for groups of up to 40 guests. Contact our elite concierge team and allow them to take care of everything, from pre-trip itineraries to luxury transfers, so you can get the most out of every moment of your trip.