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Yacht Day Charters Vs. Yacht Term Charters: Everything You Need to Know 

Yacht Day Charters Vs. Yacht Term Charters: Everything You Need to Know 


A luxury yacht charter has something for everyone. Whether you're planning a glamorous and activity-packed one-day event or looking for a long, relaxing, city-hopping vacation, there is a yacht charter for you. 

However, especially if it's your first time chartering a yacht, the process may not seem so simple. Thanks to their versatility, there are endless options and questions to consider long before ever getting out on the water. 

Luxury yacht charters can come in different length periods and involve boats of various types and sizes. Not to mention you can tailor pretty much every aspect of your yacht charter, including the crew, route, activities, dining options, and yacht design, right down to your preferred type of finish and interior.  

Starting with the basics, one of the most important questions when chartering a yacht is the period of the charter. You can charter a yacht from a specific location for a certain period of time, from half a day to an evening, weekend, a few weeks, or even several months. 

The Three Types of Luxury Yacht Charter


Before we get into the differences between day and term charters, we’re going to consider a few other key questions when considering a luxury yacht charter. 

The first question is if you want to go bareboat, skippered, or fully crewed. 

With bareboat charters, you rent the yacht and Captain the boat yourself. This isn’t reserved only for those with years of experience. There's often the option of having a professional skipper come with you, but any additional crew has to be hired at extra time and expense. 

Skippered yacht charters come with a Captain to command the boat as well as one or two additional crew, usually a deckhand and a chef.  

Fully crewed luxury yacht charters come with a whole crew, which can include a Captain, deckhands (responsible for docking and maintenance), stews (stewardess), culinary team, and mates (responsible for safety and security).

How to Charter A Luxury Yacht 


The second key question to consider is how you are going to charter your yacht. The two main options are going direct or working with a luxury yacht charter broker.

To go direct, you need to know exactly what you want and have some insight into how the yacht industry works. This includes the difference between motor and sailing yachts, lengths and sizes, crews, destinations, travel routes, itineraries, finish and design, technology and entertainment, and not least, the ins and outs of the contract.

Working with a luxury yacht broker like EliteLyfe is not just about finding the ideal vessel. We help you find the perfect destination, a crew that is best suited to your occasion—such as being great with kids or trained in luxury functions—plan your travel itinerary, and provide input regarding every aspect of your yacht charter. 

We care about your experience. We don't rush contracts to get a good deal or skip the important questions that are often missed by brokers and not addressed by going direct. We make sure your luxury yacht event or vacation is everything you wish it can be and more. 

What is A Day Luxury Yacht Charter?


Yacht day charters commonly host events such as birthdays, corporate seminars, nautical weddings, and other special celebrations. But there are day charters to suit pretty much any group activity or gathering you can imagine. 

Depending on who you book with, some yacht day charters can be as little as two or three hours. At EliteLyfe, our bookings are at least six to eight hours, allowing enough time for guests to fully immerse themselves in the yacht experience.

A key consideration of yacht day charters is the crew. A fully crewed yacht will include a Captain, stews, and deck-hands or chef. The type of crew you need depends on your number of guests, the type of yacht, and the type of event. Food, snacks, drinks, and any special arrangements also need to be arranged separately and in conjunction with the crew. 

Yacht day charters also have infinite options available for activities and excursions. Jet skis, kiteboards, paddleboards, inflatables and scuba equipment, fishing, beach time, personal submarines, and high-powered yacht tenders (smaller boats) are just a few of the options that can be at your disposal for luxury day charters. 

What is A Term Luxury Yacht Charter?


A term charter is a multi-day charter. The typical yacht term charter period is seven nights or one week, with many companies permitting a minimum of five days.

At EliteLyfe, we specialize in working with clients and Captains to plan and secure exclusive yacht term charters. In particular, we ensure all the necessary arrangements including reservations at marinas, restaurants, and activities like scuba diving are secured well before your trip. Working with a luxury yacht broker dramatically increases the chances of landing exclusive reservations at all your top choices. 

Yacht term charters often involve more costs to work out, including APA (advanced provisioning allowance), fuel, tax, crew gratuities, catering, and docking.  

At EliteLyfe, we specialize in not just negotiating contracts, but orchestrating the best possible yacht charter event or vacation that suits your budget. 

Advanced Provisioning Allowance in A Yacht Charter


A luxury yacht charter involves much more than the rental cost of the yacht and the crew. APA or advanced provisioning allowance is the additional fee that covers all the expenses of the yacht charter.

APA includes any additional costs such as fuel, food, drink, berthing costs, customs, and communications during your trip. It is essentially an allowance for the Captain and Chef to provision on your behalf. 

The cost of APA is usually between thirty and forty percent. We design and manage pre-arrival itineraries and record all costs to ensure any APA not used is refunded directly back to you.

Part of our specialty as an experienced yacht broker is to educate you about potential costs and charges. We are here to negotiate costs on your behalf, not just to ensure you get a good deal, but so that there are no unpleasant surprises and everything is taken care of from the start of your trip. 

Whether you are planning a one-day yacht party rental or a luxury long-term charter, contact our team of yacht specialists and make sure it is a world-class experience.