About EliteLyfe

A Luxury Travel Agency & Concierge That Takes Your Further

The Master Key to Your Desired City or Destination

As a luxury travel concierge, you are our biggest priority. To us, luxury doesn't only mean hilltop vacation villas, island getaways, and exclusive transfers, it means personal attention, bespoke experiences, and an overall package that is nothing short of magical.

Our world is luxury travel. We open this world to you through warm, professional, and efficient service and a wholehearted desire to craft your ultimate vacation experience, whether it be a romantic African safari or an island-hopping adventure in the Balaeric islands.

Unlike other luxury travel agencies, we spend time with you to get to know your tastes and preferred options. We've also worked tirelessly to build an exclusive network of close international partnerships in the world's most desirable city, beach, and mountain destinations.

The result is we're able to not only turn your dream trip or vacation into a reality, we also have the means to make pretty much any request happen—no matter how small, large, simple, or complicated—as well as to deliver those extra flairs and wow-factors that create extraordinary experiences you'll never forget.

Thank you to all our clients, current and future, for choosing EliteLyfe.

Discovering & Designing the most exceptional travel & vacation experiences on Earth

A Luxury Travel Agency That doesn't just curate experiences, we create them

Many luxury travel agencies would say that if it's not available, it can't be done. We say that if it's not available, then more reason to make it happen.

Travel is about discovery. Discovering new destinations, experiences, parts of yourself, and connections with friends and loved ones. And so, if your desired idea of a vacation is not listed, to us this is an opportunity to discover something new by creating a bespoke itinerary that's unique to your preferences and tastes.  

A bespoke vacation doesn't need to be difficult—our personal travel planners and honed booking process make the whole experience seamless and enjoyable from start to finish. We take care of everything, so you are free to sit back, relax, and discover new worlds.

The Benefits of Our Luxury VIP Travel Concierge

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    24/7 Global Platinum VIP Concierge Service

    Access the master key to your desired destination and get the most out of any short trip or long vacation with our VIP Travel Concierge service.

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    Personalized Pre-arrival Itineraries

    Your bespoke travel itinerary full of the hottest attractions and events, incredible natural wonders, and the most spectacular places to stay.

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    Private Check-In & Butler Service

    Experience private check-ins and around-the-clock, white-glove service from the most professional and friendly butlers in the business.

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    Price Match Guarantee

    We match the prices of the majority of the luxury vacation villas, island escapes, beach villa rentals, and accommodation options in our portfolio, subject to terms.

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    Hand-Picked & Personally Vetted Villas

    Every property or accommodation in our portfolio has been hand-picked according to a strict criteria and many have been personally vetted by our team.

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Luxury VIP Travel Concierge Services

Bespoke Travel experiences & services, many of which are not on the market, right at your fingertips

By getting to know you and your individual tastes, interests, and desires, we can offer trip and vacation packages that are specifically designed for you and noone else. 

We know your time is valuable. Our job is to ensure you make the most out of every moment of it. We take the time out of researching the best places to stay and the hottest things to do, while also helping you discover the lesser-known sides of a destination and providing you with access to exclusive experiences that are not available to the general public. 

Our travel concierge staff are available 24/7 throughout your stay to make sure everything is simple, enjoyable, and hassle-free. Whether you need a last-minute transfer or to find a venue for entertaining special guests, we are here to make it happen seamlessly and with utmost ease and class.