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Regenerative Health Protocol - A new Lyfe

Two-Week Health Transformation: Regenerative Medicine & Stem Cell Therapy at Demarest Clinic.

Regenerative medicine is the next stage of healthcare. Rather than simply helping you get well and regain a baseline level of health, its focus is on complete transformation and taking you beyond your standard state and into optimal functioning.

This is exactly what movie producer William D. Johnson discovered when, after being failed by conventional western medicine for a heart condition, he took his chances with a regenerative cell treatment. To his surprise and delight, William not only recovered from his condition, the results were phenomenal and he was immediately inspired to establish his own regenerative medicine clinic. 

Today, Demarest clinic in Phuket, Thailand offers highly personalized and evidence-based regenerative health programs, including reverse aging protocols, anti-aging treatments, intense detoxification, and stem cell therapies. Not only that, their programs are seamlessly combined with ultra-luxury travel experiences, state-of-the-art biotechnical apparatus, and a world-class team of renowned doctors and lifestyle coaches.

Niko Contardi, our CEO here at EliteLyfe, was invited to visit Phuket and immerse himself in regenerative therapies and anti-aging treatments for nearly three weeks. Below is an account of Niko's experience at Demarest clinic. His trip was nothing less than life-changing, and soon EliteLyfe clients will be able to access the same benefits with our new two-week and one-month regenerative medicine packages. Get in touch to find out more.


Arriving at Phuket and The First Week of Treatment 

After a three-day juice fast and a twenty-three-hour flight from America to Thailand, Niko arrived at Phuket, a dream travel destination with unbelievably fresh, organic food, extremely warm and welcoming people, and a range of luxury accommodation options. 

As with any treatment, the journey started with a consultation. However, this consultation was unlike that of a typical hospital or health center: It was comprehensive, conducted by incredibly accommodating and knowledgeable staff, and located in a beautiful, brand new luxury clinic. 

The consultation involved discussing any health issues, as well as asking specific questions on health history, family history, and food intolerances (what you feel like after you eat certain meals). From here, the doctors began to paint a picture of Niko's current state of health and create his personalized protocol. To paint the fullest picture possible, he was asked to fast for a minimum of twelve hours, complete full blood work, and undergo checks for everything from gut hormones to food intolerances.

One of Niko's first treatments was an IV of curcumin. The main active ingredient in turmeric, curcumin possesses anti-inflammatory properties and has been shown to have a wide range of health effects, including reducing joint pain and preventing cancer growth. Suffering from a chronic shoulder injury, Niko also met with one of the world’s best spinal/body experts. It was necessary to do an MRI and Sonogram (extra cost) to determine the issue. This was performed by an incredibly friendly and accessible doctor at the Bangkok Hospital in Phuket, which is, as Niko describes, undoubtedly one of the most efficient hospitals in the world.

By day three and four, the blood work from fasting was in and several treatments were already well underway. One of these treatments was an IV laser light therapy. This completely painless procedure exposes the blood to different light colors and wavelengths, improving sleep, boosting the efficiency of oxygen use in tissues, strengthening the immune system, and reversing aging. 


Discovering The Pinnacle of Health & Ultra-Luxury Travel

Niko received more rounds of treatments in preparation for stem cell therapy. The IV curcumin therapy would give the body more cellular energy to heal itself during his next fast. The laser treatment was to treat the blood again for any foreign viruses and to get it ready for stem cells.

As well as this, Niko received ozone treatment to make his blood oxygen-rich and make it hard for bacteria and viruses to harvest. Another treatment he received was NAD—a natural coenzyme of vitamin B3 (niacin) that’s present in every cell in your body—IV therapy to support DNA repair, reduce oxidative stress, and improve mood. Both of these treatments gave Niko an abundance of energy and made him feel amazing.

Despite having to do another sixty-hour fast, there was plenty to keep Niko's mind off food. The owner of the clinic, William (Bill) Johnson, possesses a luxurious 106ft falcon yacht named Demarest, the clinic is home to a world-class spa, and the nurses and staff are always on hand to attend to your every need and explain every single step and treatment to you. It also didn't hurt that an expert tailor came directly to Niko's villa at Como Point Yamu to measure him for a bespoke custom suit, an exclusive offer that is available for EliteLyfe clients who book a treatment.

Overcoming Two Years of Chronic Shoulder Pain 


After waiting for over two years, the day had finally come for Niko to receive stem cell therapy (30M stem cells) for his chronic shoulder pain. Not to mention, after this treatment he could break his fast and enjoy the incredible Thai food again.

The whole stem cell process was overlooked by Dr. Narote Treenarong (whom Niko consulted with earlier in the week and one of the best orthopedic surgeons in the world). He explained to Niko how the procedure would work, what he would feel, how long it would take, and, most importantly, ensured that he would be comfortable and safe. 

The process also involved more NAD IV therapy, ozone treatments, a vitamin D shot, and PRP (Platelet-rich plasma) therapy to separate plasma from his blood and use it to accelerate and support the stem cell therapy. All of these treatments felt very different and impactful after sixty hours of fasting.

Over the next few days, Niko continued to receive treatments to prepare for a second stem cell protocol and was already seeing improvements in his skin, energy levels, mood, and general health. The second stem cell protocol involved another fast (minimum of twenty-four hours) and would take two to four weeks for its effects to really be noticed. This stem cell protocol involved a total of 100 million cells to be added intravenously through an IV. 

Returning Home Years Younger & In Optimal Health

The final leg of Niko's personalized regenerative medicine and stem cell therapy protocol included a range of therapies and rejuvenating, anti-aging treatments, including:

Folic Acid + NAC: Supports the delivery and proliferation of stem cells

Placenta shot: Promotes cell repair and tissue healing

Oxygen through nose: Enhances the stem cell’s ability to repair everything from liver, skin, muscle tissue, etc.

Vitamin B12: Provides more energy for the stem cells and body

Energy Drip + L Carnitine: Increases energy levels and revives the kidneys

Green tea: Boosts the metabolism to support the stem cell therapy

Plaque X: Clears plaque from artery walls, great for prevention of heart problems and strokes 

Glutathione: Helps to detoxify the liver and clear toxins from the body

Coq10: Great for skin and heart, much more potent as an injection

Myers cocktail IV: An infusion of multiple vitamins and minerals to balance the body and help you feel your best. 

While clearly a health-orientated trip that is overflowing with cutting-edge therapies, the experience with the Demarest clinic is world’s away from typical medical treatments. All aspects of health, comfort, and well-being are acknowledged, from the dedicated care of the clinic staff and yacht crew, to being able to disconnect from society on the owner’s private yacht, to only the freshest, highest quality organic produce cooked by an expert chef.

Several weeks since his time at Deramest clinic and arriving back in America, Niko feels like, in his own words, "a completely new human". He is bursting with vitality, his shoulder is completely pain-free, and he is only seeing more and more improvements as each day goes by.

A range of regenerative therapy and stem cell treatment packages at Demarest Clinic in Phuket is now available for EliteLyfe clients. Contact our luxury travel team to find out more and begin your own transformational health journey.