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The Invictus Experience

The Ultimate Experiential Travel Adventure

Would You Dare Accept a Secret Mission?
The Invictus Experience: An Adrenaline-Packed Real Life Espionage Adventure

As the "Operative", you will infiltrate our Host City-Las Vegas and embark on a Secret Mission with our team of Elite and Decorated Special Operations Forces Veterans.  You will complete your assigned Mission Objectives by utilizing real Operative Tactics & Tradecraft. Think of movies like James Bond, Mission Impossible, Kingsman and John Wick; Las Vegas becomes your playground of Espionage & Luxury.

  • After you have booked your Secret Mission, you will receive your Mission Profile.
  • Once you arrive to Las Vegas, your Secret Mission will begin.
  • You will receive round trip transportation from your Vegas hotel.
  • You will rendezvous with our Special Operations Forces Veterans.
  • Shoot Handguns, Rifles and Machine Guns.
  • Shoot Machine Guns from a Flying Helicopter.
  • Fire the Main Gun from the Tank, Launch Mortars, Shoot Flame Throwers.
  • Drive high speeds in Ferrari, Lamborghini and McLaren Supercars.
  • Skydive from Airplane or Helicopter with our Military Free Fall Team.
  • Race across the desert in a High Performance Off Road Vehicle.
  • Get fitted for an Exquisite Hand Tailored Suit by a Master Tailor and Personal Stylist.
  • Experience Secret Dining at the most exclusive Las Vegas Restaurants.
  • Receive exclusive access and VIP tables to the best Vegas Nightclubs.
  • Be paired with a Casino Super Host for High Stakes Gaming. 
  • If needed, you may select Executive Protection during your stay.
  • If your budget permits, arrive to Las Vegas aboard the private jet & stay in Luxury Suites on the Las Vegas Strip or a Private Mansion.
  • Participate in adrenaline packed adventures with confidence and learn Trade Craft Techniques from the Special Operator Staff.
  • Each Mission has countless teachable moments and the boundaries each individuals comfort zone are sure to be expanded.
  • Conduct business at strategic meeting places and maintain access to business services, conference space and dining events.  
  • Team building clients receive after action reviews on their individual performance and collective interaction with personal and professional growth tracks and resources.
  • The Invictus Experience staff possesses a deep history of overcoming immeasurable challenges and offers exceptional teachable moments to individuals, groups and Executive Teams.  Identifying key objectives and providing superior results to each individual, increasing sustainable collaborative value paired with a story that you will surely remember for a lifetime.