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PLATINUM YACHTING EXPERIENCE for the Cyclades & Argosaronic

PLATINUM YACHTING EXPERIENCE for the Cyclades & Argosaronic

We invite you to travel on this EliteLYFE Platinum Yachting Itinerary, an 8 day tour of the stunning Greek Islands. Experience the riches of Greece as you cruise the Cyclades and Argosaronic islands, taking in the sights of Mykonos, Paros, Ios, Santorini, Kimolos, Milos, Sifnos, Spetses, Poros and Hydra. We can provide a range of elegant yacht options to suit your specific taste and requirements. Enjoy the details of your trip below!

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DAY 1 - Cruise to Mykonos

Cruise to Mykonos

You will find your private yacht at the marina in Athens, ready for an afternoon departure to Mykonos.  After being welcomed onboard by the captain and crew, cruise through the Saronic Gulf to Cape Sounion, an idyllic swimming spot with commanding views of the Temple of Poseidon on the cliffs above. Continue to Mykonos, arriving in time for dinner.
Nautical miles: approx 85
Cruising time: approx 5 hours

TIP: Enjoy a traditional yet gourmet dinner at Katrin, a secret gem nestled in the side streets of Mykonos town.

Day 2 - Discover Delos

Start the day by visiting the UNESCO World Heritage site of Delos, one of the most important archaeological sites in Greece. The sacred island features prominently in Greek mythology as the birthplace of Artemis and Apollo, and is guarded by a line of ferocious marble lions, shimmering in the sun. In the afternoon, head to one of the southern beaches of Mykonos, such as golden Psarou, and enjoy a relaxed lunch at Nammos Restaurant by the Sea, a true Mykonian institution.  As the sun sets, explore ‘Little Venice’ and enjoy a cocktail, followed by an exquisite dinner.
Nautical miles: approx 12
Cruising time: approx 1 hour

TIP: Experience the vibrant nightlife of the island!

DAY 3 - Journey to Captivating Paros

Paros, Greece

Sail to Paros, celebrated for its glittering white marble and picture-perfect villages. On shore, visit the 5th Century AD Church of Panagia Ekantontapiliani, or cruise down to Farangas beach for a relaxing afternoon swim.
Nautical miles: approx 20
Cruising time: approx 1 hour

TIP: Anchoring in the port of Naoussa, enjoy a gourmet dinner at Barbarossa, the Cyclades’ foremost fish restaurant.

DAY 4 - Explore the Sands of Santorini

Santorini, Greece

Cruise to idyllic Santorini, pausing for a morning swim in Ios at the small island’s most pristine beach: Manganari. Arriving in Santorini in the early afternoon, explore the dramatic scenery of the caldera, before heading to the south side of the island to relax on the famous Red and White beaches. 
Nautical miles: approx 45
Cruising time: approx 2.5 hours

TIP: Take a seat at Selene, one of Santorini’s top gourmet restaurants!

DAY 5 - Marvel at the Kimolos and Milos

Milos, Greece

Enjoy a day at leisure in Santorini, with a completely free itinerary.  Take a private wine tour of the island, stop for lunch in scenic Oia or remain onboard the yacht and cruise to the small islands of Kimolos and Milos, both offering secluded bays and uniquely beautiful beaches suitable for sunbathing and swimming.
Nautical miles: approx 65
Cruising time: approx 3.5 hours

TIP: Remain onboard the yacht for quiet, private dinner, served by a top-class per-sonal chef.

DAY 6 - Reveal the Hidden Beauty of Sifnos

Sifnos, Greece

Sail on to Sifnos, and discover its untouched beaches, low-key nightlife and picturesque white watched villages. Explore its stunning coastline, dropping anchor off the golden sands of  Vathi or Kamares beaches to swim in the clear blue waters.  Alternatively, head inland to the capital town of Apollonia and enjoy its bars, cafes and boutiques, before returning to the yacht for a calm, onboard dinner.
Nautical miles: approx 30
Cruising time: approx 2 hours

TIP: Sifnos is the birthplace of many famous Greek chefs, and the local cuisine is often slow cooked in special clay pots: try ‘mastelo’ lamb for a traditional taste of the island. 

DAY 7 - Argosaronic Voyage

Hydra, Greece

Relax during a leisurely cruise from the Cycladic islands to the Argosaronic islands, reaching the cosmopolitan island of Spetses in time for lunch, best taken on the sunny seafront verandah of the historic Poseidon Grand Hotel. In the afternoon, cruise to neighbouring Hydra, dropping anchor offshore to swim in crystal clear waters before heading inland for an elegant night on the town.
Nautical miles: approx 95
Cruising time: approx 5.5 hours

TIP: Order a cocktail at Hydronetta Bar and marvel as the summer sun sets over the warm waters of Argosaronic sea.

DAY 8 - Discover Poros and Return to Athens

Poros, Greece

Enjoy a final day on the seas, starting with an early morning cruise over to the charming island of Poros. Stop for a coffee in Poros town, with its elegant neoclassical architecture and lively cafe scene, before returning to the yacht for the journey to Athens.
Nautical miles: approx 12
Cruising time: approx 1 hour

TIP: End your Greek adventure with dinner at Varoulko awarded restaurant offering contemporary seafood cuisine with elegant seafront views.

We hope you enjoyed this trip, and invite you to contact us to discuss a bespoke EliteLYFE itinerary for your next yachting vacation in Greece or elsewhere abroad!

Yachting Notes:
•    This itinerary is dependent upon favourable weather conditions and, therefore, liable to change at any time for the safety and comfort of guests.
•    This itinerary may be undertaken in reverse order, according to prevailing weather conditions and the advise of the yacht captain and crew.
•    Cruising times have been calculated at an average speed of 18 knots (1 nautical mile = 1,852km)
•    Exact travel times cannot be predicted as cruising speeds vary according to vessel type.
•    In the case of berthing by special arrangement of the local authorities, arrival and departure times at certain docks may vary.
•    BBQ lunches on shore are subject to weather conditions and local bylaws (for example, the prohibition of fires on beaches).
•    Meal times are arranged at the discretion of guests.
•    Eclectic Greece will provide full arrangements for all offshore experiences.